Entries for the 2019 races are filling up thick and fast! For the Eurosteel MTB Descent, to keep it exclusive, entries have been limited to 400 riders! If you would like to enter any of the races, find out more on the event info page. If the Descent is full, try the Challenge or one of the GWK Trail Runs.

To the many that have already entered, you are in for a phenomenal treat as the Spoors Team are continually preparing new tracks and improving the ones previously ridden.

We are very fortunate to have Eurosteel as principal sponsor for the MTB races again in 2019 and GWK for the trail runs, in addition we are happy to have First National Bank as a sponsor for the entire Drak family again. FNB’s involvement in the Eurosteel Drak Descent sure added value to each participant’s experience at the 2018 race. We would also like to thank the following sponsors who are again involved in our 2019 race – Underberg SuperSpar, Gooderson Leisure, Kalbo Designs and Pyga Cycles.

Some important things to remember:

  • Drak Descent 2019: 19 and 20 January 2019 –
    The 2019 Eurosteel Drak Descent will be limited to 400 riders (i.e. 200 teams or teams plus solo riders = 400). Entries for the main race will run separately from the GWK Challenge and Trail run.
  • Going Green in 2019: To be kind to our beautiful environment we are going to be encouraging you to fill your water bottles and hydration packs at water points, from our bulk water dispensing units – there will only be paper cups as a back-up! We have engaged all sponsors to seek alternatives to providing their products in plastic. At the Friday event, all meals will be served on ceramic plates!
  • Pricing:

    • Eurosteel Drak Descent: Team R 1500, Solo R 750 (substitutions at a cost of R200);
      The Eurosteel Drak Descent is classified as a mini stage and therefore riders of the age 15+ in December can ride;
    • Eurosteel MTB Challenge: R400 per rider – Riders who enter the Eurosteel MTB Challenge can only enter for both days (i.e. can’t enter for one day or the other)
There is currently no closing date for the Eurosteel MTB Challenge.
    • GWK Run the Rivers and GWK Run the Rivers Lite trail run: R400 for both days.
 Runners who enter the GWK Run the Rivers can only enter for both days (i.e. can’t enter for one day or the other). 
There is currently no closing date for the GWK Run the Rivers Trail Runs.

  • Distances:
    • Eurosteel Drak Descent Day 1 = 41 Km, Day 2 = 43 Km
    • Eurosteel MTB Challlenge Day 1 = 25 Km, Day 2 = 18 Km

    • GWK Run the Rivers Trail Run Day 1 = 25 Km, Day 2 = 16 Km
    • GWK Run the Rivers Lite Trail Run Day 1 = 12 Km, Day 2 = 8 Km

Vehicle shuttles:

We would like to encourage participants to once again make use of the Shuttle Service offered by Noah’s Ark Pre-School. It alleviates traffic and contributes to the bursary fund for less privileged Learners that attend the School.
For more information: Bonny Cole +27 72 216 6484


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