Drak Descent 2018 – “Do the Descent Thing”

“Dear Euro Steel Drak Descent , Eurosteel MTB Challenge and GWK trail run previous participant.”

It’s that time of year again when we begin building excitement for the “ruggedly rough and remote” Drak Descent Race.  Those of you that have had the privilege of riding the dragon and emerged willing to tackle her remote, untamed beauty again, have a preferential entry period.  Those that have heard the hype, but have not had an opportunity to enter, never fear, there may still be a spot or two available……burn the midnight oil, jump in and enter in order to be placed onto the waiting list for entry allocation once the preferential entries close!

We did warn everyone in the build-up to this year’s race, that albeit a “descent”, it was not going to be an easy ride – and to our surprise that is what most riders of reasonable fitness and skill really enjoyed. They called it “real mountain biking”. We are happy to announce that for 2018 our founding sponsor Eurosteel is again involved with the MTB race and GWK will be our sponsor for the trail run.

Having listened to your feedback, we once again promise more of the same for the 2018 edition of the Drak Descent – i.e. exclusivity, route challenging but not too far (it’s just after Xmas, remember!!), value for money and a good weekend of fun.

So, please take up your invite early and encourage some friends to enter and join you for a fun filled weekend.

Some important dates:

  • Drak Descent 2018 : 20 and 21 January 2018Preferential entries, for previous entrants are opening on 31 August at 14H00 to 30 September 2017.

Entries to the public open 1 October 2017.  For the 2018 Eurosteel Drak Descent we plan to limit entries to either 400 riders (i.e. 200 teams or teams plus solo riders = 400). Entries for the main race will run separately from the Eurosteel MTB Challenge and the all new GWK “Run the Rivers Trail Run” . We have added a GWK Run the Rivers Lite where the distances are shorter and more manageable for those that may not have prioritized their training over Christmas!  Follow the same link to the entry page on www.sanispoors.co.za and then click on the icon for the particular race you would like to enter.

Eurosteel Drak Descent = Team R 1200= Solo R 600 (substitutions at a cost of R100)

The Eurosteel DrakDescent is classified as a Mini Mtage Race and therefore riders of the age 15+ in December are allowed to ride.

  • Eurosteel MTB challenge and GWK Run the Rivers trail run

Cost for this event is R300 for both days.  Entry will include a garment this year.
 Riders who enter the Eurosteel MTB challenge or GWK Run the Rivers Trail Run can only enter for both days (i.e. can’t enter for one day or the other)
There is currently no closing date for the Eurosteel Challenge and Run the Rivers Trail Run at this stage.

Distances:   Eurosteel Drak Decent                            Day 1 = 45   Day 2 = 40

Eurosteel MTB Challenge                                               Day 1 = 25   Day 2 = 18

GWK  Run the Rivers Trail run                                    Day 1 = 25   Day 2 = 18

GWK  Run the Rivers Lite                                              Day 1 = 12    Day 2 = 8

Ride safely & well through 2017.  The Sani Spoors Team is really look forward to hosting you again at the EuroSteel Drak Descent 2018.


“The Sani Spoors Team”