Once you get tired of the single tracks - there are numerous scenic tar and district dirt road options in the area. Here...

  • Tar road to Drakensberg Gardens Hotel

    60kms round trip from Underberg. Narrow road – but very scenic with some testing climbs. Nice breakfast & coffee at Drak Gardens Hotel.

  • Tar road to Sani Pass Hotel

    45kms round trip from Underberg. Lovely road and fairly flat.

  • Tar road to Kingscote climb on R617 to Kokstad

    80kms with some heavy climbs, but very scenic.

  • District dirt road from Himeville to Cobham nature reserve

    34kms fairly flat and scenic. Very little traffic.

  • D1 district road on the way to Bushmans Nek Hotel

    40kms. Great views with some moderate climbs.

  • Sani Pass climb from Sani Pass Hotel

    42 kms to top and back. Seriously tough climb of over 1000m with exhilarating descent.

  • Barras Loop

    From Himeville out on the Loteni road (to Nottingham Road) turning right just before the Mkhomazana river. Then right again - 60 kms...

  • Himeville to Notties

    100kms, being 66kms dirt followed by 33kms tar to Nottingham Road. Some seriously huge but scenic valleys with one climb of 18kms!

  • Intshitshi Spoor

    An easy amble along the banks of the Umzimkulu River, suitable for novices and children.

  • Mzimkulu Run

    Much the same as for Intshitshi Spoor but a little longer – so, much more fun!

  • Rainbow/Khotso Clamber

    Not much climbing on this trail as it starts with 5 – 8km of the beautiful flowing trails right next to the river....

  • Ekhutuleni Elevation

    This is the most exciting and technical of all the trails with a little bit of climbing thrown in.

  • Milk Run

    Milk Run is the access route into single track heaven. You gotta do it to get there.

  • Jackal Jol

    A number of technical and rocky sections with a fantastic downhill switchback section for the Gravity guys.

  • Heaven & Hell

    A fast descent through Pine forests back to the Milk Run.


    Also accessible from the Olde Duck are the Riverlea Trails. All these Riverlea trails head out from The Olde Duck on the same...

  • Bottom Loop

    Distance: 16km Ascent: +-150m Difficulty: 5/10 Markers: Black on white This trail is similar to the Sani Spoors trails 1) and 2) above as...

  • Ode to Ophelia

    Distance: 22km Ascent: +-350m Difficulty: 6/10 Markers: Black on White At about the halfway mark on the Bottom Loop trail, just after crossing a...

  • Ikwezi

    Distance: 27km Ascent: +-450m Difficulty: 7/10 Markers: Yellow on White Halfway up the main hill climb (just after exiting a short wattle plantation single...

  • Glenside

    Distance: 40km Ascent: +-600m Difficulty: 8/10 Markers: Green on White About halfway up the additional climb on the Ikwezi trail above, one is again...

  • Drakensberg Garden Trails

    There are also other trails available in the area that are accessed via the Goodersons Drakensberg Gardens Golf and Spa Resort which is...