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Sanispoors Membership 2023

Hi There,

As I am sure all of you will agree, the high-quality trails that Sani Spoors offers can be described as one of the best kept secrets in South Africa.  Not only are the trails spectacularly beautiful, but they allow access to unique areas that would be completely inaccessible were it not for the generosity of the landowners allowing us access to a network of Trails that the Spoors Team have explored and opened up for public use.

In order to facilitate access to the hidden areas of the district that the Team is so passionate about and wish to share with you much work needs to be done on numerous fronts.  This work that gets done, has created much needed employment in the area and also contributed to conservation, eradication of alien plants and maintenance of eroded cattle and game paths.  In addition, the various contributions have also allowed the Team to support local charities and development of Cycling and Trail Running in the local community.

In order to be able to keep the trails open and accessible to all of you, we appeal to you to pay your membership fees and support our initiative – if there are other parties that you know may be interested in supporting us, please take up the torch and encourage them to join.  We are not profit driven and make sure that subscriptions keep the tracks open and accessible, and maintained for our users.  This is an extremely costly exercise that is only possible if we all support Spoors by supporting what we have set out to share.

Membership will be valid from 1 March 2024 to 28 February 2025.

*Please Click the link to register & pay : http://CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR 2024

Option MTB Ride Trail Run/Walk
 Daily Rate  R60 Adults
R40 Juniors*
 Weekly Rate  R240  R140
 Annual Membership  R500 Adults
R350 Juniors*
R750  per family

Juniors: Under the age of 18*

Where and how can I pay?

Please pay at Vanilla Rose Accents, Shop 1, Drakensberg Gardens Road, Underberg. Next door to the Olde Duck Restaurant.

Card & Cash payments are accepted. Vanilla Rose opens at 9:00am- 4pm, Monday – Sunday. If we are not available please pay with Zapper on the wall of Sani Spoors.

You will receive an arm band for the option you have purchased, please make sure it is visible at all times, either on your arm or on your bike. If you have paid with zapper please ensure you have the receipt.

Annual Payments ?

If you would like to purchase an annual membership, you can pay in person at Vanilla Rose Accents, next door to the Olde Duck restaurant. You will receive a membership band which you must please keep on you when using our tracks. Please note that a family membership consists of 2 adults & 2 children under 18y. We will not accept ” sorry my wife is not here today but my friend will take her place” Please respect our rules as we are trying to keep the tracks at their best for you, and we cannot do that if people keep abusing them.

To pay via EFT :

Sani Spoors
FNB Branch 221025
Acc Num : 62917731251

Use your Name as reference
Please send Proof of Payment to :
You will be able to collect your bands for Vanilla Rose once POP is received.

NOTE: If encountered on any of the Sani Spoors or Riverlea trails, you may be asked to show your arm band or zapper receipt. Should you not have signed the indemnity nor paid your entrance fee you are TRESPASSING and will pay a FINE! You are also taking unnecessary risks – as there are no emergency services available to you – and you are not a mountain biker/ hiker / walker  that is welcome here …. as all REAL mountain bikers understand their responsibilities to the environment and to the land-owners who maintain and make the trails available to them. So, please help preserve & maintain our trails and privileged “heritage” by signing, paying, not littering ….. and then enjoying as much as you like.

For more information about our tracks and facilities please view our About Sani Spoors page.

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