Sani Spoors

Major Events

Sani Spoors hosts a variety of events throughout the year.

Euro Steel Drak Descent

Enter the 2020 Euro Steel Drak Descent here: Drak Descent 2021


Sani Spoors also helps organise the annual PH2 event ( which is a mtb/canoe/run/horse ride relay) which is great fun and brings the whole Underberg sporting community together.

Ride Against The Horses

This MTB Ride Against the Horses was held in conjunction with the annual UFA agricultural show and pitted horse against machine. An interesting contest as the horses are quicker up the rocky climbs but have to be periodically rested – thus allowing the bikes to catch up on the flats and downhills.

Others in the Area
  • The Goodersons Drak Gardens Challenge is held in July and is a very popular mtb and trail running weekend of fun for the whole family. Good prizes are on offer and the trails are testing but fun.
  • The Riverlea Drak MTB Xperience is presented annually in early November by the Drak MTB Club and also traverses the Riverlea and some of the Sani Spoors trails.
  • The Sani Dragon is a new two day stage race to be presented by locals and to be held in late September that will replace the old Sani Transfrontier Epic and the Ride Against the Horses – as it will also be staged in conjunction with the UFA agricultural show.
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