eBikes welcome at new Underberg gravel bike race

eBikes welcome at new Underberg gravel bike race

As riders enter the first edition of the Underberg Gran Fondo gravel bike race on Sunday 31 July, race organisers have welcomed entries from e-bike riders at the inaugural event.

“Because Underberg is such a beautiful part of our country we wanted get as many people as possible to enjoy it and we therefore embrace e-bike riders,” said co-organizer and Absolute Motion coach Johann Wykerd.

He stressed that e-bike participation would be governed by the challenge of completing the entire ride without any battery replacement.

“The idea is that e-bikes should complete the 90km event with one battery,” said Wykerd. “That’s why we are offering an e-bike specific race that will be held over the 90km distance.”

Wykerd said that the fast growing appeal of gravel riding was sure to make the Underberg Grand Fondo a popular part of the national cycling calendar.

“The Underberg Gran Fondo is going to become one of the signature cycling events on the national cycling calendar,” ventured Wykerd.

“Underberg offers some of the best gravel riding in South Africa. Both routes will showcase some of the best scenery you will be able to enjoy on a bike anywhere in the world.

“Both routes will have some tar riding and when riders are on the tar we will have many marshals and signage to ensure rider safety.

“The gravel sections are normally reasonably well maintained and will be very gravel-bike-friendly.

“When you get back to the finish, you will pen this race into your calendar for next year immediately!” he added.

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