Drak Descent highlights Southern Drakensberg charm

Drak Descent highlights Southern Drakensberg charm

The 2023 edition of the Euro Steel Drak Descent will once again provide riders with top quality trails, but will also allow families to enjoy the best of what the Southern Drakensberg has to offer from 28-29 January.

The event continues to attract riders of all abilities as it provides routes that will test riders across the board. The 2023 Drak Descent will follow the same set planned route as 2022, the route that organisers were forced to alter due to torrential rains in the area.

“We got positive feedback about the route last year despite the late changes because of the weather,” member of the race organising committee Pierre Horn said.

“We are hopeful that this year we can give riders of the full event the best possible route and they can enjoy the changes that we had implemented for the 2022 edition.

“The weather was the major issue last year but through word of mouth riders enjoyed themselves and that is at the heart of what the Drak Descent is about.”

For the 2023 edition the big route changes will come on the shorter Euro Steel Drak Descent MTB Challenge where the entire event will be more streamlined and appealing.

“This year we are starting and finishing the MTB Challenge at the Olde Duck as opposed to using Glenhaven and this is a good way to enhance the rider’s experience,” Horn commented.

“Having the start/finish at the same venue will allow us to get the riders out on the Drak Descent route which will also give them far better views of the escarpment and the Super Bowl.

“It’s a completely new route and we are confident that it will be an exciting one for riders.”

The Drak Descent continues to run with the same ethos every year and despite some difficult years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the committee remains committed to their mantra.

“We’ve always said that we want to offer riders the best value for money for a two day ride in South Africa and that hasn’t changed.

“We also cap our numbers so that every rider feels that they are getting value for their money.

“The value for money, the scenery and the hospitality are the driving forces behind our event and we look forward to welcoming riders to the Southern Drakensberg in January.”

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